Before I can work on increasing my happiness I need to identify what makes me unhappy.  What causes me stress.  What things pull me down?  Who upsets me and fills me with negative feelings?  What am I missing in my life?

Stress in my life is caused by sneaky, lying people who smile and tell you one thing while they are doing something behind my back.  Problem is not much gets past me.  I don’t call these liars out … I just know what they are doing and let them continue lying to me.  This needs to change.

I worry about financial security.  Who knew the economy would tank?  The sale of the practice, the sale of the building all worry me.

I have only one close friend.  I have no girlfriends to go to the movies with, shopping with or to hang out.   I have one friend but she is extremely social and I am just one of her many friends. I would like to have a best friend that has time for me.

I am fat and unfit.  I need to change this so I can enjoy my life.  Garbage in … Garbage out.  I eat garbage.  I need to change this and I need to get fit.  I will never be pretty but I want to get to the point where I don’t minds having my photo taken.

As much as I love my husband I am worried we will have nothing in common once I stop working with him.  I want to develop common interests and work at strengthening our relationship as our work relationship ends.

I lost control of my life 10 years ago and I need to take charge again. I need to fix my house.

I love my children more than life itself but I feel I have short-changed them over the last several years. I want to change that and spend more quality time with them.

Lastly something that makes me very sad is how I let my father down. I will address this one later.