Dazzling, Bedazzling and Vajazzling

Yesterday I came across the strangest new trend. Women are bedazzling their vaginas. Well not exactly the vagina but the pubic bone area and this new trend is called Vajazzling.

The process is the woman is waxed and then the technician carefully applies the crystals in a pattern. It can cost up to $150 to have a professional do the job for you or $10 for your own at home kit.

Now what man looks at a naked woman and says … hey .. what that area needs is some sparkles that will rub off and end up in my pubic hair? How can this be comfortable for either person?

How did this trend start? Two young things hanging out in their rooms on a Saturday night saying, hey .. let’s pull out the bedazzler and see what happens? Or did Britney & Lindsay say .. hey .. we don’t wear sexy underwear anymore so let’s stick crystals there so when we flash our bits they sparkle for the paparazzi?

What is next?

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