The Lucky One

When I was young I would ask my mom if I was pretty and she would say to me “Your older sister is the pretty one, your brother is the smart one and you are the lucky one”. I was the lucky one. I thought that I was special … there were lots of pretty girls, smart people but how many people were “lucky”?

As I grew up I realized people were not born lucky. People make their own luck working hard. I knew I was every bit as smart as my brother and while I was not pretty, I certainly was not ugly.

Then I met a man who made me feel that I was all three things .. pretty, intelligent and lucky. Next week we will have been married 31 years.

I am the first to admit we have had both good times and bad times. We lived together, worked together and spent all our time together. We raised two children together and helped raise his two daughters from his first marriage. After all this time I still consider myself lucky to be his wife.

My husband is the smartest man I know, kind, generous and loving. He has spent his lifetime providing for his family. He has taken good care of me and given me a life that I love. This anniversary is the start of our new life together as he retires two months later. After over 34 years of taking care of our family it will be our time together. I am looking forward to our new beginning.

I really am the lucky one.

One thought on “The Lucky One

  1. The title of this blog is absolutely correct; but it is me who is the lucky one.

    We have been through tough times together, but my feelings for you (and our family) have never wavered. I expect that you and I are probably the only ones who know how difficult things have been at times. I know that I have my flaws and one of them is that I am not always sensitive to how I come across to others. Thank God that you compensate for me at those times.

    I am absolutely amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it. You may be frustrated now because of not having had time for a long while to practice your different talents, but you are talented. Sewing, painting, decorating the house, writing, fused glass, cooking … I know where Amanda inherited her talents.

    I cannot express how much I love you, It has been hell being apart all this time.

    You are right: soon we will not have to work as hard and will ease into retirement. Then we can work on the bucket list together.

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