Sunny and Blue

Over the past few days I’ve felt a bit blue even though I am in my own little piece of paradise. This has caused me to break one of my resolutions .. to blog daily. So I am back on track.

Yesterday, in order to change my mood, I went to the Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida. What a beautiful place! I took photos of flowers, trees, fruit and wetlands. I even saw a black racer snake and didn’t freak out! Perhaps I am getting used to living in Florida.

The Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida are beautiful and has FREE admission. It covers over 30 acres and includes a historical village with over 28 buildings from the 19th century. In January I am going to spend time there photographing and exploring the area.


Two weeks into my happiness and project and it is time to self evaluate. Am I moving forward? Am I any happier? The answer is a resounding YES.

I have made small changes in my diet. Cutting down on my old nemesis french fries has made a big difference in me. I have decided if I am going to eat them they have to be awesome! Home made style … crispy and salty. Great thing for me is that is not the way they serve them in restaurants so it is easy to leave them on the plate.

I am failing on the exercise part but I did get up today and used the wii fit. I am only here another two weeks but I hope to swim most days. That will help me burn calories!

I did read a book to keep my brain active and blogged every day. I do want to add in doing my luminosity exercises every day. I forgot all about them once I stopped working at the office.

Now the more difficult area .. creativity. I did try to find something to make but so far have not completed anything. I will find something that I am good at again. I have decided to finally finish a Christmas stocking for my son over the next two weeks.

I do want to add some resolutions to my basic five now. My beginning five are:

1. Cook from scratch. Not just cook .. create meals. Create menus and feed my family good food.

2. Ignite my creative side.

3. Read more.

4. Exercise more.

5. Blog regularly.

New changes are as follows:

6. Eat 3 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day.

7. Create a daily schedule, weekly schedule and monthly schedule to help bring balance into my life.

8. Kiss or hug someone every day. Smile at strangers.

Baby Steps

For the past two weeks I have struggled to kickstart my creative streak. I have spent hours walking around Michaels and Joanns trying to get inspired. I bought little ceramic houses with the idea of creating a Christmas village under the tree. Well after spending two days painting this little tavern I’m ready to toss it in the garbage. So frustrated I set out again. Then I remembered I still have not completed a Christmas stocking for my son and his is 26 now! I must have 12 stockings being worked on but I never have finished one. This year I will do it! My deadline is two weeks from today!

Keeping on Track

Today I organized the sewing area here, wandered around Michaels for inspiration and basically hung out in my room. I am feeling sort of lonely and sad today … no real reason why but I am out of sorts.

I am working on my list of changes. I want to get back into holiday traditions and I was thinking that next year I want to have a nice village on the Christmas table. I have some houses to paint at home but I’m not going to be there for a few weeks so I’ve decided to buy a couple to work on here over the next few weeks. That should help me get started on my creative changes plus I’m working towards making memories for my children. Next year when they come for dinner they will see the village … my grandchildren will see them when they come to visit.

Step One

So … where do I start?  I know the things that make me happy … how do I get back to them?  I have spent so much time at work I lost all my creative skills.  I don’t bake anymore, sew … create … I didn’t do anything but work for so long.  So … first resolutions are as follows:

1.  Once a week I will make a meal from scratch using a recipe book (or online recipe).  Something new, not just opening a can or a bag of frozen vegetables.  Eventually I would like to be making a real dinner 5 nights a week (leaving a night for my husband and son).  Believe it or not, I’m tired of eating fast food and restaurant meals.  Unfortunately this is going to be delayed a week or two while my kitchen is being renovated.  Right now, I have no cupboards, counters or lights in there!

2. I need to reignite my creative juices.  I used to love to sew, paint (folk art), decorate and bring that side out in me again.  I need to start taking chances ..  I will work out a specific plan shortly.

3.  I want to read more.  Not brain candy but good books.  Any suggestions are welcome.

4.  I want to move more.  My goal is some kind of exercise for half an hour a day to start.

5.  I am going to blog my progress daily.  It will help keep me on track.