Step One

So … where do I start?  I know the things that make me happy … how do I get back to them?  I have spent so much time at work I lost all my creative skills.  I don’t bake anymore, sew … create … I didn’t do anything but work for so long.  So … first resolutions are as follows:

1.  Once a week I will make a meal from scratch using a recipe book (or online recipe).  Something new, not just opening a can or a bag of frozen vegetables.  Eventually I would like to be making a real dinner 5 nights a week (leaving a night for my husband and son).  Believe it or not, I’m tired of eating fast food and restaurant meals.  Unfortunately this is going to be delayed a week or two while my kitchen is being renovated.  Right now, I have no cupboards, counters or lights in there!

2. I need to reignite my creative juices.  I used to love to sew, paint (folk art), decorate and bring that side out in me again.  I need to start taking chances ..  I will work out a specific plan shortly.

3.  I want to read more.  Not brain candy but good books.  Any suggestions are welcome.

4.  I want to move more.  My goal is some kind of exercise for half an hour a day to start.

5.  I am going to blog my progress daily.  It will help keep me on track.